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“Meet Steel Union, one of Nashville’s most promising country groups.”

— Wide Open Country

Three unique artists. One dobro. Countless harmonies. A chance encounter proved to be destiny when RACHEL POTTERmet DONNY FALLGATTER and JOSH MATHENY in a Nashville bar one fate-filled evening. A former Broadway star and X Factor finalist, Potter joined up with longtime friends and former "KingBilly" band members, Matheny and Fallgatter to form the trio. Potter’s powerhouse vocals melt into Matheny’s gentle twang and Fallgatter’s rich tone, serving up the perfect recipe for sweet country success. Their catchy lyrics, soulful melodies and seamless stage presence has instantly captured audiences and garnered attention from music lovers all over the world. Dubbed "a rising band you NEEED to know" by Wide Open Country, Steel Union is quickly stamping their place in the hearts and homes of the country music community.

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